About Rabbi Alpren

Rabbi Alpren travels around the USA and Canada giving lectures.
Hi is trained as a commercial lawyer in the West End of London. He has been learning in the Mirer Yeshiva here in Yerushalyim for 35 years and visits the United States several times a year addressing a broad spectrum of communities with varying commitment to Torah and mitzvos. He is often described as a highly versatile speaker due to his diverse background and experience. 

Rabbi Yehonason Alpren was born in Birmingham, England in 1951 and remained at home until eighteen. There, his early years in education took the shape of a ‘classical English schoolboy’; a traditional English Grammar School, a stone’s throw from – Shakespeare country…and even closer to the rugby field and cricket square!

He first visited Israel for a year in Yeshivas Kerem B’Yavneh, a ‘chalutzik year’ both in regard to Torah and Eretz Yisroel. From there he returned to University in Birmingham to complete a first degree in Business Studies and Finance, specializing in Industrial Law and Labor Relations. He was about to launch into a career in Management in the city of London with a Government Industry, but his heart longed for Torah and instead, he spent two years in Gateshead Yeshiva. He switched his kippa for a Borsalino! He chose the Legal Profession (in between Chavrusos and Shiurim) and went to live in London for three years to study and qualify as a Solicitor with the Law Society in 1980. He met his ‘zivug’ on 1979, Shoshana Kolitch, from Forest Hills, Queens, New York…a true-blood Limey with a genuine Yankee! They decided to come to Yerushalaim (…neutral territory!) for ‘just’ two years, so he could learn in the Mirer Yeshiva. That was about thirty five years ago!

He has been in the Mirer Kollel since then and received Semicha in 1996. In 1990 the Alpren’s moved from Mattersdorf to Har Nof and he started to say shiurim, which Boruch Hashem has kept him busy. During the past fifteen years, Rabbi Alpren has become one of the most sought after speakers in Israel, lecturing in Yeshivas & Seminaries, community adult education classes, and citywide seminars and rallies. Groups visiting from abroad make a point to include Rabbi Alpren in their itineraries. Since 2000, he has lectured extensively in many cities in North America, Canada and England on a wide variety of topics of Jewish interest. Many recordings from these lectures have been distributed to audio libraries around the world. He has spoken at the Young Israel Convention and was a keynote speaker at the Torah Umesorah Convention. On many of these lecture tours he is asked to speak for the Agudath Yisroel, both at Torah Bites, Yarchei Kallah and various Yemai Iyun. Together with Rav Ezriel Tauber, they were co-speakers at a Shalheves Seminar in Los Angeles.

Rabbi Alpren has the rare gift of making even the most complex Torah concepts come to life. With his wit and wisdom and his broad range of personal experience Rabbi Alpren transforms Torah study into a truly delightful experience. His reputation in particular lies in his versatility towards designing, adapting and inspiring his listeners by presenting them with practical lessons and suggestions brought down from Chazal to everyday decisions and lifetime situations.

He has been asked on many occasions to present highly esoteric topics to different forums in the community on such topics as the world of prayer, the quality of speech and character development.
Through his hundreds of tapes distributed around the world, Rabbi Alpren has developed an excited and eager following for his unique brand of Torah wisdom. Rabbi Alpren will IY”H be publishing a sefer on Tefillah within the next few months, offering the reader inspiration, content and guidance into making a more meaningful prayer. He will also have a chapter on the midda of ‘Ratzon’ in the forthcoming Artscroll Sefer on Middos.

For availability, please contact Mrs. Shoshana Alpren at 02-652-0864 or at 646-502-6798 or at alpren@bezeqint.net.